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A Division of Center Hills Farm


In light of the country’s ongoing situation, management and staff at  Mighty Acres are making some adjustments to our routine.  In conjunction with the response to COVID-19 and the CDC Guidelines, we will be reducing our exposure to the public.  Effective immediately, all barns to also include the office, vet and breeding areas are now closed to the public.  When dropping off or picking up any horses on the facility we ask that your call prior to showing up and make arrangements with us.  Please call us at (918)271-2266 and we will set up a time for you to arrive.  Once on the grounds please call us and let us know you are here while staying in your vehicle and one of the staff will come and load or unload your horse as well as have you sign any paperwork that may be needed.  All of our breeding forms that are needed are located on the website at mightyacres.com.  If you will have those completed and fax at (918)825-4255 or email to us at randyblair@mightyacres.com, your visit will be quick and seamless. 

Please do not come unannounced or step out of your vehicle as this will increase exposure to our staff and yourself.  We appreciate each and every one of you and thank you for your patience at this time.